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Sure, bigger is better but as gluten-free consumers, what we REALLY want is VALUE. All Victoria's products are heftier and larger than our competitors'. That means you get more for your money AND you feel full and happy after your delicious meal.


Cardboard, crackery, sand paper, gritty, gummy, words many people use to describe gluten-free products. We're a rebellious bunch here at Victoria's so we created products which are fluffy, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside with a bread-like texture. We're not flat, we don't crumble, we don't dissolve.


We consume food for survival but we EAT for JOY! If your gluten-free pizza, buns and breads don't taste as good as the versions you loved before going gluten-free, you're missing out on joy. That's no way to live. We've got your JOY!

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I didn’t set out to start a business. I set out to make a decent gluten-free pizza.

It was only after my friends and family wouldn’t stop telling me how good it was that it occurred to me to make it available to others.

I am gluten intolerant, and I know what it means to move through the process of removing gluten from your life. I’ve experienced the feelings of isolation a gluten-free lifestyle can cause. And, I have felt cheated out my share of the food joy others take for granted.

I know what it means to have to translate a label, so I’ll always be straight with you. I know what it means when something isn’t truly free of all gluten so I’ll never deliver anything but.

Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen is about bringing back some joy to people who are dealing with some pretty joyless conditions. Resilience deserves a reward. I’m here to give it to you.

Victoria Wolf, founder Victoria's Gluten Free Kitchen
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