Deby's Gluten Free DenverI was near the DTC area of Denver yesterday and was very hungry and suddenly remembered that I had been meaning to visit Deby’s Gluten Free for quite some time. I had a couple hours to kill before my next appointment and made the decision to finally drive myself over to Deby’s. A few years ago, Deby’s had a restaurant that served only gluten free meals. Now, Deby’s is more of  one-stop-shop for an amazing amount (hundreds) of gluten free products. They also supply several restaurants and grocery stores around the Denver area with quality and delicious gluten free products.

From Deby’s website:

Deby’s supports a full commercial bakery and kitchen free of Gluten, Peanuts, and Shellfish. Many of our products are also free of dairy and contain only trace soy from pan spray. We do not use any soy flour, nut flour, or bean flours in the production of our products. If you have other food intollerances beyond gluten, call us so we can discuss how we can best help you.

I chose a frozen gluten free meal and they so nicely heated it up for me so I could eat it immediately since I was starving! The beautifully crafted meal was ham, potatoes and green beans and was so delicious. I enjoyed every single bite of it.

Even more, I enjoyed speaking with Monica Poole, the founder and owner of Deby’s. She was very warm and welcoming and so obviously an expert in everything gluten free. I even had the opportunity to meet Monica’s daughter, Deby, the namesake for this fantastic business.

Deby’s also offers hands-on gluten free cooking classes.

If you live in Denver, you MUST check out Deby’s and take home some delicious gluten frees breads, cakes, flours and many other products.

Deby’s Gluten Free
2369 South Trenton Way, Suite M
Denver, CO 80231

Deby’s is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and closed on Sunday.

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