Your Gluten-Free Cooking Journey

My gluten free cooking philosophy is based on the idea that everyone is at a certain level of cooking when they discover they need to lead a gluten free lifestyle. The level of your cooking experience will determine how you will be obtaining your gluten free meals and how difficult your transition to gluten free will be.

Knowing where your cooking skills are at when you go gluten free is an important aspect of your journey. It can be so frustrating to pick up cookbook after gluten free cookbook and discover recipes that pretty much assume you KNOW how to cook at a fairly high level. What if you don’t? What do you do?

In 2007 when I went gluten free, I would say I was a fairly good cook. Then, when I realized I had to make nearly everything I ate in order to be safe from gluten (and later dairy), I knew I needed to get me some skills! It was this journey that led to me to discover my passion for cooking. Not everyone will discover a hidden passion for food and cooking but during your journey (and each journey will be unique) you will discover how to feed yourself in a way that works for your lifestyle and your health.

Living gluten is really about one thing: eating. Yes, topical gluten can be a problem too but 99% of your issue is what you put in your mouth. Considering us humans eat 3-5 times a day, you can see how figuring out what to eat can be a daunting task. No wait, don’t get stressed out about it! I am going to help you determine where in your cooking journey you are at and then give you recipes that are tailored to your current cooking abilities.