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Going Gluten Free is one of the BEST THINGS that has every happened to me!!

After nearly 2 years dealing with things that popped up in my life, I have made the commitment to bring back TGFE!

TGFE started as a restaurant and travel guide but after much consideration and reflection, I have realized that although knowing where it is “safe” to eat out is very important, there is so much more to my gluten free journey that I want to share. It is literally, THE BEST THING that could have happened in my life. It took me many years and oh so many ups and downs on my journey to figure this out, but now that I have, I feel the need to share!

Here are some of the topics I will be focusing on:

Navigating your COOKING journey.

Your level of cooking ability is critical when you go gluten free. To really live a healthy and happy, and gluten free life, you NEED to cook. Well, having a super-mega-dope cooking skills when you go gluten free is not necessary where everyone possesses at the time they go gluten free. It surely was that way for me. I  have learned SO MUCH in the last 7 years. In doing so, I discovered a PASSION for cooking and am now enrolled in online cooking school so I can learn everything I possibly can about cooking.

TGFE will help you cook nutritious and downright tasty-as-hell dishes that will cause your non-gluten-free friends and family to beg you for the recipe, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE in your cooking journey.

Navigating your NUTRITION journey.

This part of your gluten free journey is very much tied to your cooking journey. The better a cook you are, the more nutritious meals you will make. AND, when I am talking nutritious I am NOT talking about being healthy and low fat and low this and low that. No, not at all!!! I truly believe in “everything in moderation” and have proven in my own life that you can eat so many different things, without restricting “bad” foods as long as you do it IN MODERATION.

Green on every plate! It’s my “thing” that all plates should have color and when they do, you are eating more nutritiously. I don’t count calories (well, maybe a little, but not really) and I don’t get crazy knowing the proteins, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals in everything I put in my mouth. I use common sense (and a whole lot of knowledge I gained when I used to know all those things about every damn morsel that passed my lips). Bottom line, variety is good, color is good.

KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM! This is one of the most important aspects of cooking for me. Organic is always first choice and 90% of what I eat is just that. Processed food? Rarely (well some GF breads and I am just going to come and say it right now: I HAVE WHAT SOME WOULD CALL A STRONG WEAKNESS FOR CHIPS). This is an aspect of my cooking and eating that evolved over my gluten free journey and it is the part that makes me the happiest. Farm-to-table, organic and local are all aspects of food are important to maintaining a healthy and tasty life!

Navigating your DINING journey.

Dining out, going to a family member or friends house, these are all treacherous areas for the gluten free. Although my focus is not solely on restaurants anymore, I still have a strong passion for helping all of us eat out safely. Since I am beautiful Denver, Colorado, I will start here. I will reach out to restaurants, find out what their “gluten-free” and gluten-friendly” menu offerings are all about and let you know if it is a “safe bet” (because it will always be a gamble unless you are dining at a dedicated gluten free establishment) to eat there. I plan to build on online restaurant guide for the Denver area first, and then expand from there. I will visit and eat at EACH and EVERY restaurant I put in the guide. You will get first hand knowledge that will give you the information you need to make your dining decisions.

Navigating your LIFE journey.

Having to go gluten free (and now cow dairy free too) was a HUGE change in my life. It disrupted many things and caused much pain throughout the years. Yet, it turned out to be a very positive thing in my life in that it caused me to change how I eat and how I see the world as well as myself. Living day-to-day gluten free is not easy for many of us. I understand the frustrations and anger that comes along with it. I have had family members not understand, dual kitchens where I had to cook gluten for others and then turn around a make myself something to eat (which I will say was not a meal like I made them), been to countless events where I could not eat a thing (and this is where my love for cocktails was born, but that is another story!) and endured the constant frustration of “being different” and “the picky orderer” in restaurants. But you know what, my reality is that I cannot eat gluten or cow dairy without feeling like my body is self destructing and eating me alive. Why fight reality? You will never win. So instead, I changed my perspective and made the best of what some think (and I did for a long time too) is a horrible situation.

Victoria Wolf, The Victoria's Gluten-Free KitchenMy name is Victoria Wolf and I am The Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen!

It is my goal to Help You Navigate Your Gluten Free Journey, One Bite at a Time!

Let’s get started and have fun along the way!!


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