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Grassroots Support is Needed to Help Colorado Food Companies Thrive

gluten free pizza, hand tossedColorado is home to many small, local food companies with the singular goal of providing natural, locally produced food choices for Colorado consumers. The Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen is proud to be part of the community of manufacturers here in Boulder, Colorado creating delicious, minimally processed, natural foods.

We bake our products in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen space in Boulder of which we share with many other small gluten-free food manufacturers. In addition to providing unique and artisan gluten-free food options for the community, we also have something else in common with our kitchen-mates. We are all small businesses trying to break into the multi-billion dollar natural foods industry.

Each and every one of us started our companies with a passion for providing delicious gluten-free options for the growing GF community. We believe gluten-free consumers like you want to know their foods are safe, are made with natural ingredients, and most importantly taste delicious and give you back some of what you lost when you had to say goodbye to gluten.

The road is not easy and we know that. The corporate food entities have what seems like unending marketing dollars to spend on promoting their products. Not to disparage any company, but I am sure you can agree with the statement that there are more than a few gluten free products that do not taste well but are top in the market. Huge marketing budgets and lack of widely available alternatives cause this to occur.

Small manufacturers like us and our kitchen-mates do not have large marketing budgets, or a large budget for anything actually. So how can we compete? I believe I have an answer. And it starts with you. A grassroots support system for small natural food manufacturers is what is needed to help support and grow our companies into larger, stronger companies who can share shelf space with the big brands, not just locally, but nationally. Each and every time you purchase our products you support us, but we need a little bit more help. Generally, the small companies do not attract investors early enough in the process to help us succeed. That is why, you, our supporters, are needed as partners in this fight.  And that is why we are running our Indiegogo.

Your support is critical to our success. We have a passion for the products we are creating and love the response we have received from the gluten-free community along the Front Range. With your added help, we can bring our products to more supporters like you around the country.

Gluten free pizza a problem no moreWe do not expect you to help us without us helping you. That is why we have created many “perks” to thank you for your support, from product to dinners in Denver, we have quite a few “rewards” we want to give you.

Any amount will help and actually, it is smaller, frequent donations that help propel the campaign and draw in more supporters.

I, and other small, local manufacturers, want to give the gluten-free community more alternatives and better-tasting products. This is a consumer-driven industry and helping us, and others like us will begin to change the industry and help to level the playing field so small, local manufacturers can thrive.

Click Here to View the Campaign and Contribute

If you cannot support us by contributing, here are other ways you can help support us:

Tell your friends and family about our campaign: Here is the link:

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and tweet, post and repin our campaign promotions:

Mention our campaign and products to everyone you know and when mentioning on social media, please use the hashtag #lovepizzaagain.

Thank you so much for any amount of help you can give us!

Cook. Enjoy. Share.


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  1. Debbie Watson Jan 12, 2017 at 2:59 pm Reply

    Hi my name is Debbie Watson and I would like to know what grocery stores carry your bread? I live in Littleton so it is too far to drive to Boulder for bread.

    My boyfriend, daughter and I love eating at NoNo’s where Brian Brewster offers your products on his menu.

    Thank you,

    1. The Victoria's Gluten-Free Kitchen Jan 12, 2017 at 3:49 pm Reply

      Thanks for asking Debbie! At the moment, the Kipling and Coal Mine location of Natural Grocers has only our pizza crusts but they should have our bread by next week or so. The Highlands Ranch location has our bread and also the Mission Trace location. Our products are located in the frozen section. Let me know if you need anything further. Thanks so much for supporting Brian at NoNo’s Cafe!

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