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Grateful and Gluten Free for the New Year 2015

It’s crazy that 2015 is here already, as I am not ready to forget 2014 just yet. Last year brought great growth for me both personally and professionally and I am very grateful for that. My life today, after 2 years of change, learning and risk-taking, resembles what I had always dreamed it could be. I am in a loving and blissful relationship, my son is happy and growing daily into the unique person he is, my mom and I are closer than we have ever been, my business of 23 years is thriving and my new business is growing wings and beginning to take it first few flights away from the nest.

Typically, every December I would look toward the dawn of a new year with great optimism. Not because I was excited for what would be revealed to me in the new year but rather I was looking to those 365 days ahead of me to make all that was wrong with my life right. I was not an optimist; I was a scared woman relying on a calendar to make me successful, fit, wealthy and happy. As you well know, the only way change can occur is when you, personally, actually start taking steps in the direction of change. No day, week, month or year is going to do it for you.

Last night on the eve of the new year, I didn’t painfully yearn for the clock to hit midnight as I did in years past. But rather I was immersed in gratitude for the year that I just experienced and for my life at that moment. I approach 2015 not as an opportunity for “fixing” my life or “making it all better” but as the vehicle for expanding the happiness and joy and I am already experiencing.

If you are reading this post, thank you. You are an important part of the myriad of joy in my life that not long ago I thought I would never have the gift of experiencing. I look forward to growing this website into a site that gives you a resource for learning how to cook food that not only you, but your families, will love to eat; gluten and dairy free of course!

Here are some things you can expect to see from The Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen in the coming year:

  • More recipes with step-by-step photos and instructions
  • Cooking techniques and how-to’s in both photo and video formats
  • The Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen video cooking series
  • The Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen Radio Show
  • More Denver Metro restaurants reviews
  • Denver area Gluten and Dairy Free cooking classes
  • Gluten and Dairy Free Pizza Cookbook
  • Expansion of The Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen baked products line for purchase online including French Baguettes, Sandwich Bread, Bread Balls (unique rolls), Biscuits and more!
  • Pickup locations around Denver for purchased baked products to save you shipping costs
  • The Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen Pizza Crusts available in more Denver restaurants and in area stores


As the list suggests, I have many goals and aspirations for the coming year and I look forward to the challenges that will be brought my way in completing this list.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Let’s do this!



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