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News from the Test Kitchen: Gluten Free Spanish Tapas: Esparrogos Olivada and Buey con Caramelo

espana-book-coverIn my last post, I talked about Rich and I’s love for Spanish cuisine and Tapas. While we were in Taos last week at La Boca, we purchased Chef James Campbell Caruso’s cookbook, Espana: Exploring the Flavors of Spain. We were so excited to try out first recipes from his cookbook and had that opportunity last night.

We were in the mood for beef and veggies so we chose a vegetable Tapas and a meat Tapas for our meal: Esparrogos Olivada (Grilled Asparagus with Black Olive Paste) and Buey con Caramelo (Grilled Beef with Smoked Sea Salt Caramel).

The grilled asparagus was simple yet extremely delicious. Blanch and grill asparagus and serve with the Olivada sauce, a mixture of black olives, Sofrito (think Spanish Mire Poix), garlic, capers, olive oil and parsley. The olive paste had a a great depth of flavor but was not too heavy as to mask the wonderful flavor of the asparagus.

The beef was simply grilled with salt, pepper and olive oil and then served with a phenomenal salted caramel sauce. The Smoked Sea Salt Caramel combined brown sugar, butter (soy butter), heavy cream (soy creamer), Pimenton (Spanish Smoked Paprika) and smoked sea salt. The sauce was sweet, salty and smoky; an amazing combination! It paired so well with the grilled beef. As a composed bite, the two dishes complimented each other considerably.

Now that we have made the recipes once, we will perfect them and get them up on the website so you can discover the delicious flavors of Spain!

If you REALLY want to explore Spanish cuisine, I highly recommend Chef Caruso’s cookbook. Click the link below to buy!

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