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Pork, Chicken and Cabbage, Oh My! News From the Test Kitchen January 26-30th

I have goals, many goals, and sometimes I over-schedule myself and take on way too much. The end result is that many things are not accomplished and my brain and nervous system are so maxed out that just the slightest word, sound or action can cause me to slip into an “I’ve had enough” frame of mind where even the easiest decision is painstaking to make. Chaos and stress are not my friends and when they come to visit, it is not good for me or anyone close to me. In the extreme effort to banish chaos and stress from my life, I am embarking on the path to become a more disciplined and accomplished Victoria. A Victoria that is not shadowed each and every day by an overwhelming feeling of stress and “I have to do more.”

The first step in this journey is to plan, and plan well. I have always been a planner but when it comes to planning out my days and juggling Red Wolf Marketing and The Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen, I have not done so well at it. This week, that all changes. I have a plan, a reasonable and executable plan that will keep me focused and moving in the direction I want to be headed.

Part of my plan is to share with you the meals and recipes I plan to create each week. I have a set schedule that allows me to create three full meals each week that I can share here with you.

Mondays: Experimental Recipe

I will prepare a recipe that I have not tried before or create a new one from scratch. If the recipe is good and passes with high marks from Rich, Dawson and myself, it will make its way onto the website in the next few weeks.

This week: Grilled Pork Chops with Shallot Butter paired with Peas, Potatos and Bacon in a Cream Sauce

Tuesdays: Recipe Creation for Posting on the Website

This recipe will be one I have created enough times to know I can create it again and take pictures along the way. This recipe will be posted here on the website.

This week: A month or so I shared with you the initial test run of this recipe and now, this week, I am going to make it “for reals” and post the recipe on the website: Southwest Chicken Fiesta Salad

Thursdays: Magazine or Online Recipe

A couple weeks ago I said I was going to make 3 recipes per week that I found in Bon Appetit and other magazines so I could expand my cooking knowledge and skills. Well, three may have been WAY TOO ambitious so now I will do one per week.

This week: I will be making Apple-Cider Braised Cabbage from the new issue of Food & Wine magazine.

What About the Other Days in the Week? There are 4 MORE!

On Wednesdays and Fridays Rich and I bake TGFE pizza crusts, french baguettes and sandwich bread in a commercial kitchen and on Saturdays and Sundays, I enjoy relaxation, fun and family time.

I look forward to sharing this week’s recipes with you!

Cook. Enjoy. Share.



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