Victoria’s Gluten Free Kitchen FAQ

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Production Process

Are your products produced in a GF facility?

YES! Our facility is dedicated gluten-free. No gluten is allowed inside the facility ensuring there is NEVER a chance of cross contamination.

Are your ingredients GF?

YES! Every ingredient we use in our products is gluten-free.

Are ALL your products dairy-free?

No, not all, but most are. The ONLY products which are NOT dairy free are:

  • Cheese Pizza
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread
  • Veggie-Cheese Pizza

All other products are dairy free.

Are your products vegan or keto or paleo?

No on all counts. We use egg whites, eggs, cheese and gelatin in our products so they are NOT vegan.

We use flours with carbs such as rice and sorghum so our products are NOT Keto or Paleo.

Where can I find ingredients and nutritional information?

The ingredients, nutritional information, cooking instructions and storage information listed at the bottom of each product page. Click here to view all cooking instructions.

Online Ordering

Do you offer FREE SHIPPING?

YES! When you order $79 or more of our products, they ship for free. For orders $78.99 and less, there is a flat shipping charge of $25.

Can I mix and match the products to meet the $79 minimum?

YES! We want you to be able to buy whichever products you want and not be limited to 6 or 7 or the same product to achieve the free shipping.

Do you offer returns or refunds?

No. All sales are final. If you shipment is damaged, we will replace it but will need photos of the damage. Email us at with any issues, questions or concerns.


How much is shipping?

With orders of $79 or more, shipping is free to the 48 contiguous states. For orders under $79 there is a flat shipping charge of $25.

How do you ship frozen products?

  • All Victoria’s products ship via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground, depending on which carrier is faster.
  • Our ready-to-bake products (topped pizzas and garlic breads) ship with dry ice to keep them frozen.
  • All our other products (pizza crusts, breads, buns) ship in the same box but not under dry ice. They can thaw in transit. All items will need to be frozen ASAP after deliver.
  • We only ship on days which allow for delivery Tuesday through Friday due to the frozen nature of our products.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

No, at this time we do not.

Where do you ship?

At this time we only ship to the 48 contiguous states, which does NOT include Alaska or Hawaii.

When will my order ship?

  • If you place your order by 10:00 AM Mountain Time your order will ship the same day if transit time allows for same-week delivery.
  • All orders received after 10:00 AM Mountain Time will ship the next day if transit time allows for same-week delivery.
  • If you order on a day which does not allow for same-week delivery or you order on a weekend, your order will ship out on Monday.
  • You will receive a shipping notice from FedEx the day your package is shipped.

Which days of the week do you ship?

We only ship on days which allow for delivery to you Tuesday through Friday, or same-week as order. Check the chart below to determine which day you need to order to ensure same-week shipping.

What is the shipping time?

Please see the ground shipping chart below to determine the amount days in transit.

  • 1 day shipping areas ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 2 day shipping areas ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • 3 day shipping areas ship on Monday and Tuesday
  • 4 day shipping areas ship on Monday only