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Karen Hertz, Founder Holidaily Brewing


Karen Hertz, Founder, Holidaily Brewing


Shrimp Pad Thai

About Karen Hertz

Karen W. Hertz is the Founder of Holidaily Brewing Company. Karen earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Colorado and Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies University of Colorado at Denver. She has 12+ years of experience in the brewing industry with a background in human resources, finance, project management, supply chain, distribution, sales and marketing. 

Karen is a two-time cancer survivor, diagnosed and treated for Melanoma in 2007 and Thyroid Cancer in 2009. Karen’s post-cancer treatment plan includes a gluten free diet. A love for beer and tendency to attend many sporting events and social outings where the lack of options and quality gluten free beer products sparked an idea. The concept behind Holidaily Brewing Company is driven by a personal understanding and a passion to provide those with celiac diagnosis, gluten sensitivity or any interest in reducing gluten intake, a guaranteed safe, delicious beer to enjoy. 

Outside of being Chief Brewista, Karen lives in and loves Golden, Colorado with her husband and twin daughters. As a family they love anything outdoors including running, biking, camping and skiing.

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